Kick Starting A Great Project

I was very happy to have worked/collaborated with the super talented Laura Robertson for “Shouldn’t Throw Stones “ and recently with Jacob Bolton as part of the FORM collective

I have also been trying to bribe another of the contributing writers Denise Courcoux to collaborate on future projects !

Below is a link to their KickStarter crowdfunding page for their current project Present Tense.


A collection of essays by some of the UK’s most exciting writers, commenting on tensions in the fields of art and culture. It takes as a starting point the celebrations in 2018 that marked a decade of Liverpool’s status as European Capital of Culture. We asked six writers to reflect on the ten years, while not being tied to the past.

Present Tense asks:

  • What do we define as the culture around us? Who are the stakeholders? Who chooses?

  • What does it mean when an artwork is repeatedly and violently destroyed, especially if that artwork is about the global refugee crisis?

  • How does a city like Liverpool understand, and make peace with, a European Capital of Culture award during Brexit negotiations?

  • What becomes of ambitious outdoor sculpture that, years after being commissioned, is unloved and neglected?

  • What are the consequences of a cultural award on individuals: the people that imagine, make and deliver that ‘culture’?


Output Gallery

Very pleased to have worked with Gabrielle de la Puente & Output Gallery over the last year. LBM was asked to produce a video throughout the calendar program. The film is a hybrid of documentary, archiving, promotion and evaluation. It highlights the evolution of the gallery space, the exhibitions, screenings, workshops, events and pulls focus on Merseyside creatives. Output has just received news that they were successful in gaining Arts Council England funding for another year which is a massive benefit to independent artists and creatives. Hopefully Output will become a regular fixture within the Arts.

OUTPUT Gallery works exclusively with artists from or based in Merseyside. Through their free exhibitions and public events programme of Art Socials, Culture Club and Group Crits they hope to encourage the development, mobility and strength of the local art scene. OUTPUT is supported by local funding from Arts Council England, Bluecoat, Liverpool Irish Festival and LJMU. The featured video is part documentary part video diary of OUTPUT Gallery's Director and Curator Gabrielle de la Puente. She describes the beginning of OUTPUT from conception , achieving Arts Council funding and its aims and goals for the future.

Film by LBM

Narration Gabrielle de la Puente

Additional Film, Photography courtesy of ; Kazimire VOLTS/BOLTS/RESULTS (FALLING STARS) - Tommy Husband THE KAZIMIER Four Years - Jack Whiteley


LBM has just acquired the Small Rig VCT 14 quick release Tripod plate. It may look like a dull piece of metal (and it sort of is) but it is an essential bit of kit for connecting your shoulder/rig/cage mount to a tripod plate.


Smallrig VCT-14 Quick Release Tripod Plate 2169

Key Features:
1.Standard VCT-14 Style Wedge Plate
2.Multiple 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Threads on the Bottom
3.All-metal Construction 
4.Quick Release Plate with Lever Release
5.Durable and Lightweight, Weight Only 693g

Smallrig VCT-14 Quick Release Tripod Plate 2169 is Sony VCT-14 standard which enables you to quick attach and remove your camcorder from a tripod adapter by using the lever release. The all metal construction plate offers a v-wedge adapter which is coincidence with the Standard VCT-14 Shoulder Plate. Additionally, the VCT tripod plate features multiple 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threads on the bottom for attaching any QR plate to a tripod


Video link and more details can be found on Small Rig’s website

Input video files for OUTPUT

Starting to edit the evaluation/promotional/documentation video of OUTPUT gallery. It has been a pleasure collaborating with Gabrielle de la Puente since April 2018 - present. OUTPUT has given myself and others the opportunity to meet fellow creatives, discuss ideas, collaborate, hold critique sessions, offer input into potential events and share/exchange skills in the local area.

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 12.47.59.png

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 12.45.25.png

Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 12.43.30.png

OUTPUT gallery works exclusively with creatives from or based in Merseyside. Through our free exhibitions and public events programme of Art Socials, Culture Club and Group Crits, we hope to encourage the development, mobility and strength of the local art scene. OUTPUT is supported using public funding from Arts Council England, with further support from Bluecoat, Liverpool Irish Festival, and LJMU.


Any Room On The Broom ?

LBM was lucky enough to work with education service provider Enrich Education for a newly commissioned film to promote their ‘Quidditch For Schools’ program. A very busy, fun, chaotic and rewarding project that was enjoyed by the children and staff at Hope Primary School in Knowsley.

More details in the caption (below)

Enrich Education is the official education partner of QuidditchUK and the Quidditch Premier League. Quidditch is a fast, physical and highly active sport, which is growing in popularity with young people everywhere. Enrich deliver half or full day youth Quidditch events / tournaments to schools. The events can be linked to a themed day or week. For example; World Book Day, School Sport Week or Halloween. The event includes 2 x sports coaches delivering an introduction to Quidditch. Along with all the associated planning and equipment required to make the event extra special (Quidditch goals, quaffle ball, house bibs, flags, gowns, broomsticks and winner’s trophy). The events will start with an exciting, interactive house sorting assembly and finish with a celebratory trophy presentation to the school winners. In the schools where they have delivered youth quidditch, it has been extremely well received by both pupils and staff! Most notably, youth Quidditch is proving very popular with a lot of children who may not typically engage in more traditional sports. Schools are also using youth Quidditch as a method to encourage reading amongst pupils who are less enthused by literacy. For more information please visit

The founding of FORM Collective

As part of completing the Redeye LightBox professional development program I had the pleasure to become a founder member of FORM Collective. The collective was formed of seven Photographers from all across the country with the emphasis of producing a new body of work to be included in a major photography festival.

More details about FORM Collective can be found on the group website

Photographic Collective - Form Collective_Page_1.jpg

The Art Social @ OUTPUT Gallery

It was great dropping in to 'The Art Social' at the new OUTPUT Gallery.


OUTPUT gallery works with creatives from (or based in) Merseyside. We're next to the Kazimier Gardens on Seel St, Liverpool.

The Gallery asked the public what they want OUTPUT gallery to be used for and a lot of people asked if it could host some kind of networking or social event - but something more casual, a chance to meet the rest of the local art scene and put some faces to names and names to faces.   It was great to meet some new artists who I never knew I had so much in common with.

Media Watch

A great piece of writing for a great exhibition

The Pier Head - Tom Wood at The Open Eye Gallery has been a very popular show in Liverpool and Merseyside.  Here Kenn Taylor (Double 'N' Kenn to some of us) goes into detail about the relevance of the work both personally and politically to himself and the region.  The work is published by Corridor8.  The exhibition is just about to close so hurry. 

Interview with Photograd

Link below for a fairly recent interview with Photograd about current projects and life during and after University for a Photographer/creative

Photograd is an online platform documenting the journey of photography graduates from UK based courses. Photograd's aim is to showcase, support, and encourage both older and more recent graduates, and provide an incentive to continue making work which we feel can become lost post university.



Shouldn't Throw Stones

As some of you may have noticed from a few of my previous blog posts and tweets;

Over the last 2 years I have taken a job as a Night Watchman at the ex- Pilkington Glass HQ in St Helens Merseyside.  This was for a number of reasons. 

  • As you all know LBM is a combination of commercial work and commissions and personal passion projects.
  • Because the Arts do not always pay the bills I was given the unique opportunity to gain access to a rare, private grade listed complex and undergo a personal passion project whilst also obtaining a monthly wage.
  • This passion project is a photography and video documentary titled "Shouldn't Throw Stones - The View of a Night Watchman"
Casey copy.jpg
  • The documentary consists of capturing the stories of current and ex workers from what was a British industrial glass empire and it's fall from grace.  I have photographed and interviewed workers, collected artefacts and mementos left on the site and document the rituals and routines of a night worker.
  • The complex is partly empty and partly in use as a rental business park to charities, groups and small businesses.  The 32 acre site has several inter connecting Modernist/Brutalist buildings, tunnels, lakes , conferences rooms, glass sculptural/artworks and decor ranging from the 1960's-present day.
  • I have collaborated with a number of creative practitioners from different disciplines to produce a body of work that aims to produce an exhibition and book publication. 
  • The project is due to be completed in May this year.  I am waiting for confirmation of funding from Arts institutions and sponsors to deliver the project.
  • LBM will be releasing all news and updates linked to the project, funding, exhibition, the collaborations, book publication and launch dates throughout the next few months.

Watch this space....