The founding of FORM Collective

As part of completing the Redeye LightBox professional development program I had the pleasure to become a founder member of FORM Collective. The collective was formed of seven Photographers from all across the country with the emphasis of producing a new body of work to be included in a major photography festival.

More details about FORM Collective can be found on the group website

Photographic Collective - Form Collective_Page_1.jpg

The Art Social @ OUTPUT Gallery

It was great dropping in to 'The Art Social' at the new OUTPUT Gallery.


OUTPUT gallery works with creatives from (or based in) Merseyside. We're next to the Kazimier Gardens on Seel St, Liverpool.

The Gallery asked the public what they want OUTPUT gallery to be used for and a lot of people asked if it could host some kind of networking or social event - but something more casual, a chance to meet the rest of the local art scene and put some faces to names and names to faces.   It was great to meet some new artists who I never knew I had so much in common with.

Media Watch

A great piece of writing for a great exhibition

The Pier Head - Tom Wood at The Open Eye Gallery has been a very popular show in Liverpool and Merseyside.  Here Kenn Taylor (Double 'N' Kenn to some of us) goes into detail about the relevance of the work both personally and politically to himself and the region.  The work is published by Corridor8.  The exhibition is just about to close so hurry. 

Interview with Photograd

Link below for a fairly recent interview with Photograd about current projects and life during and after University for a Photographer/creative

Photograd is an online platform documenting the journey of photography graduates from UK based courses. Photograd's aim is to showcase, support, and encourage both older and more recent graduates, and provide an incentive to continue making work which we feel can become lost post university.



Shouldn't Throw Stones

As some of you may have noticed from a few of my previous blog posts and tweets;

Over the last 2 years I have taken a job as a Night Watchman at the ex- Pilkington Glass HQ in St Helens Merseyside.  This was for a number of reasons. 

  • As you all know LBM is a combination of commercial work and commissions and personal passion projects.
  • Because the Arts do not always pay the bills I was given the unique opportunity to gain access to a rare, private grade listed complex and undergo a personal passion project whilst also obtaining a monthly wage.
  • This passion project is a photography and video documentary titled "Shouldn't Throw Stones - The View of a Night Watchman"
Casey copy.jpg
  • The documentary consists of capturing the stories of current and ex workers from what was a British industrial glass empire and it's fall from grace.  I have photographed and interviewed workers, collected artefacts and mementos left on the site and document the rituals and routines of a night worker.
  • The complex is partly empty and partly in use as a rental business park to charities, groups and small businesses.  The 32 acre site has several inter connecting Modernist/Brutalist buildings, tunnels, lakes , conferences rooms, glass sculptural/artworks and decor ranging from the 1960's-present day.
  • I have collaborated with a number of creative practitioners from different disciplines to produce a body of work that aims to produce an exhibition and book publication. 
  • The project is due to be completed in May this year.  I am waiting for confirmation of funding from Arts institutions and sponsors to deliver the project.
  • LBM will be releasing all news and updates linked to the project, funding, exhibition, the collaborations, book publication and launch dates throughout the next few months.

Watch this space....

One of those great editing timeline screen grabs again

Just in the process of putting a promotional video together for a new sustainability consultants 'Fox Lily'.  Their website hasn't launched yet as they are gathering material together before they launch officially.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 13.38.46.png

(Above) Here is a screen grab of the work in progress so far, editing timeline of premiere pro project.  We will post their details when they go live.

Redeye Lightbox Program

I'm very pleased to be a part of this program.  If you look , you can see a very tired photographer with his hat on trying to keep his eyes open and doing his best to crack a smile.


Group Image.jpg

Redeye’s Lightbox is an intensive year-long course, which launches the careers of professional photographers through workshops, networking sessions and support from experts in the photography industry. 

The course encourages collaborative working methods and participants work towards exhibiting at an international arts festival on completion of the programme. This year’s group mentors are; Thomas Dukes, Curator at Open Eye Gallery, Nicola Shipley, Director of Grain Photography Hub and Kate Jesson Curator at Manchester Art Gallery. The participating photographers are selected through an application process and are hand-picked by a panel of arts professionals. This year’s panel consisted of Andy Adams (FlakPhoto), Karin Bareman (Autograph ABP), Ying Tan (Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art) and Paul Herrmann (Redeye). Redeye seeks photographers with a high standard of photography and a desire to experiment and push their practice further whilst having an openness to collaboration.

Last week we welcomed our new group of Lightbox photographers who had the chance to share their work with each other for the first time. Over the course of the weekend, the group were joined by leading experts who offered inspiration, workshops and gave advice for the course ahead of them.  

On Friday our Director Paul Herrmann kicked off the weekend with introductions and an overview of what Lightbox is all about and what to expect alongside Fiona Yaron Field of Uncertain States who gave the group an insight into collectives and collaborative working. On the Saturday Company of Mind offered tips on how to recognise challenges, generate ideas and work productively. On Sunday Lightbox mentors Nichola Shipley of Grain Photography Hub and Kate Jessen, Curator at Manchester Art Gallery led an open discussion on project management, building partnerships with arts organisations and other artists. Redeye's Charlie Booth helped the group to understand the importance of evaluation and in the afternoon Sarah Gee of Hyper Island in Manchester closed the weekend with a workshop on marketing and communications.




Support fellow creatives

It's good to support your fellow creatives, especially when the quality of work is so good.  Long time LBM contributor Neil Grant a.k.a Lo FIVE has recently launched his new album "When It's Time to Let Go".

See the link below to get your copy and keep the independant creative scene alive.  We are just waiting for the Postman to deliver our copy along with a promise of 'weird inserts' inside the album.