Shouldn't Throw Stones

As some of you may have noticed from a few of my previous blog posts and tweets;

Over the last 2 years I have taken a job as a Night Watchman at the ex- Pilkington Glass HQ in St Helens Merseyside.  This was for a number of reasons. 

  • As you all know LBM is a combination of commercial work and commissions and personal passion projects.
  • Because the Arts do not always pay the bills I was given the unique opportunity to gain access to a rare, private grade listed complex and undergo a personal passion project whilst also obtaining a monthly wage.
  • This passion project is a photography and video documentary titled "Shouldn't Throw Stones - The View of a Night Watchman"
Casey copy.jpg
  • The documentary consists of capturing the stories of current and ex workers from what was a British industrial glass empire and it's fall from grace.  I have photographed and interviewed workers, collected artefacts and mementos left on the site and document the rituals and routines of a night worker.
  • The complex is partly empty and partly in use as a rental business park to charities, groups and small businesses.  The 32 acre site has several inter connecting Modernist/Brutalist buildings, tunnels, lakes , conferences rooms, glass sculptural/artworks and decor ranging from the 1960's-present day.
  • I have collaborated with a number of creative practitioners from different disciplines to produce a body of work that aims to produce an exhibition and book publication. 
  • The project is due to be completed in May this year.  I am waiting for confirmation of funding from Arts institutions and sponsors to deliver the project.
  • LBM will be releasing all news and updates linked to the project, funding, exhibition, the collaborations, book publication and launch dates throughout the next few months.

Watch this space....