ISBN : 9781904438854 / Binding: Paperback / Size: 265 x 180mm / Price: £8.99 / Published by : The Bluecoat Press


Closing Time is a book of colour photographs documenting the closed and abandoned pubs throughout Liverpool's working-class communities. Taken between 2007-2010, the images are a stark representation of the decline of 'The Local' as patterns of work and life have changed.

Although focusing on Liverpool Closing Time highlights a national issue. The pressures of the smoking ban, cheap super market alcohol recession and the attractions of home entertainment have all taken their toll on the traditional working - class night out. Since 2005, over 6,000 of Britain's pubs have closed, representing a great loss socially, architecturally and economically. The photographs also highlight a wider issue of Britain's urban decay that, far from being turned around by the regeneration scheme of the 1990's and early 2000's, has continued apace in most parts of the U.K.

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