LBM - (Lens Based Media) is a photography, video and digital imaging company.  The company is primarily the work of myself (Artist) Kevin Casey.  Because I work with collaborators, participants and freelancers from a wide variety of creative backgrounds I decided to merge all of these different disciplines and contributions into a single entity 'LBM'.  

I combine my production of work as an individual artist for commissions, residencies and passion projects.  As LBM (Lens Based Media) I produce work from both independent and commercial sectors.

LBM offers a vast amount of services which include ;  Commercial Photography & Video production/Equipment Hire/Fine Art Exhibitions & Installations/Archiving Gallery & Museum works/Educational workshops/teaching implemented by a qualified teacher/Traditional film photography/printing and Darkroom practices.  I also collaborate with musicians,sound engineers, writers and many more.

 Please contact us for any further details , quotes or consultations. 


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