LBM can create & deliver a variety of film and photography productions.  Wether it's advertising, corporate or education & training workshops.  Please see below for a list of  services and prices tailored to the package your require.





LBM joins Absolute Opera for their 'Rehearsal Series' at Liverpool Town Hall.  Featuring Tenor Roy Weissensteiner & Soprano Rachael Russell in preparation for their performance at The International River Festival.









(above) Fundraising video. Highlighting the activities, benefits and aspirations of Walking Basketball Merseyside.


Carbon Emissions & The PixelStick

(below) LBM was asked by The University of Liverpool to produce a video that would highlight the production of carbon emissions & how the University aims to reduce it.

As most carbon emissions are invisible to the naked eye we chose to illustrate this difficult aesthetic by using a light painting, projection tool called The PixelStick.  Just like Carbon Emissions the projected image(s) can not be seen in full until a photographic exposure has been taken.  This also has a parallel with Carbon Emissions as it shows it has a trace or imprint on the landscape.