Editing - Ex Pilkingtons Glass HQ (Multiple projects)

As the blog title suggests, just in the process of editing several projects all linked to the ex Pilkingtons Glass HQ (Currently Alexandra Business Park).

Screen shot of today's editing; video footage and timeline 'The Invisible City' (Filmed by Jake Mitchell@LBM) Produced by Heart of Glass & Abandon Normal Devices: Photography edits Kevin Casey@LBM

LBM has begun to photograph and film the inner workings, remains and archives of the old Pilkingtons Glass HQ (Currently Alexandra Business Park) in St Helens.

The site is a vast complex, filled with historical rooms, objects and varied artefacts of by gone eras, but it is also a working office space (in parts) for NHS, game designers, local businesses and charities who reside in the 'Shell' of the grade 2 listed complex of brutalist architecture and it's 1960's-80's decor.

Because the site is so vast, rich in history and has many hidden aspects to it, it is intended to be an ongoing video and photography project with a view to exhibit and publish work(s).

LBM were also involved in a series of filming, screenings and facilitating performances for a weekend of surveillance themed and related events 'The Invisible City' Produced by Heart Of Glass in collaboration with Abandon Normal Devices (AND) and Alexandra Business Park (St Helens).