A Great Workshop - Helping With Fundraising

This was a great workshop to attend; see direct quote below (from Redeye.org.uk)

Dodge The Shredder was a full day workshop empowering artists to fundraise effectively and create a financial strategy for their practice. Created, developed and delivered by Emilia Telese. 

The workshop looked at:

  • Approaching galleries and funding bodies with a great proposal
  • Minimising rejection when applying for funding
  • How to create a financial support strategy for your art practice
  • Writing about your practice effectively
  • Finding out about the best sources of funding for your practice

This session offered tailor-made feedback sessions for funding proposals in progress in a friendly, supportive environment. Participants were invited to bring copies of a proposal they are working on. Each proposal was examined and suggestions made to improve chances of success.

Dodge the Shredder is widely considered to be the leading workshop of its kind in the UK. For Redeye, the workshop included information tailor-made for lens-based artists working in photography, artists' film and video.

Emilia Telese

Emilia Telese is an award-winning artist, writer and academic. A graduate of the 600-year-old Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, living in the UK since 1997, her practice spans several art forms, from interactive and body-responsive technology, film and live art to installation and public art. She has exhibited worldwide since 1994, including at Ars Electronica, ZKM, Venice Biennale, the Louvre, Paris and the Freud Museum, London. A former Arts Council of England Regional member, Emilia is passionate about  the financial sustainability of artists' work.  She is a specialist in professional practice for artists, lecturing and speaking at over 30 UK and European art institutions and organisations.  She is a CDA AHRC PhD researcher in Cultural Policy at the University of Loughborough in partnership with a-n The Artists Information Company, looking at the economic value of artists in the UK economy.

No excuses not to go out and get funding.......?



A new lens available for hire

LBM has acquired a speciality portrait prime lens, Zeiss Batis 85mm.

The lens is available for hire.  The all important specs are listed below.

* f/1.8 - f/22

* E-mount / Full Frame

* Auto / Manual focus

* Image Stabilization

Example images and demonstrations to follow soon.

Editing - Ex Pilkingtons Glass HQ (Multiple projects)

As the blog title suggests, just in the process of editing several projects all linked to the ex Pilkingtons Glass HQ (Currently Alexandra Business Park).

Screen shot of today's editing; video footage and timeline 'The Invisible City' (Filmed by Jake Mitchell@LBM) Produced by Heart of Glass & Abandon Normal Devices: Photography edits Kevin Casey@LBM

LBM has begun to photograph and film the inner workings, remains and archives of the old Pilkingtons Glass HQ (Currently Alexandra Business Park) in St Helens.

The site is a vast complex, filled with historical rooms, objects and varied artefacts of by gone eras, but it is also a working office space (in parts) for NHS, game designers, local businesses and charities who reside in the 'Shell' of the grade 2 listed complex of brutalist architecture and it's 1960's-80's decor.

Because the site is so vast, rich in history and has many hidden aspects to it, it is intended to be an ongoing video and photography project with a view to exhibit and publish work(s).

LBM were also involved in a series of filming, screenings and facilitating performances for a weekend of surveillance themed and related events 'The Invisible City' Produced by Heart Of Glass in collaboration with Abandon Normal Devices (AND) and Alexandra Business Park (St Helens).

New Camera Added To LBM Equipment Hire package

LBM is now announcing the powerful Sony A7R2 to its arsenal.  The camera is available for hire, look below for those all important specifications.

Specifications:  Mirrorless System, 42.4 Megapixel, Full Frame Sensor, 4K Video (internal), Max ISO 102400, Face Detection Mode, AVCHD, H.264, XAVCS


Learners Light Painting video

Here is a little video that our learners have made.  The video consists of all of their photographs taken while light painting with the PixelStick (available to hire).  They have pieced together all of their multiple photographs to create a stop frame animation movie.  Very impressed that a class of mixed ability were able to learn basic video and create a short edit in a x 1 day session.

Light painting with new learners

A few examples of some of the imagery created by college students that LBM has been teaching.  This session(s) is all about light painting but learners also are gaining an understanding in how to create the correct exposure using shutter speed, aperture and ISO to produce an image in low light level conditions.

In the next session our learners will learn to create a short animated film, using video editing techniques to create a 'stop frame motion' movie with their photographs.

On Location

Filming on location @ The Lady Lever Art Gallery (NML) Merseyside.

Image taken with the Theta 360 S (available for hire), edited in RollWorld & Colour graded in Snapseed Apps.

Teaching & Workshop Resources

Daguerreotype, Wet Plate Collodion, Tintype.


These are our latest ebay and 2nd hand market purchases.  We are always collecting little photographic antiques and trinkets to show our learners as we believe there is no better way of describing and illustrating historical photographic processes than holding and actual object in your hand.   Early examples of creating photographic prints and negatives

Carbon Emissions & The PixelStick

LBM was asked by The University of Liverpool to produce a video that would highlight the production of carbon emissions & how the University aims to reduce it.

As most carbon emissions are invisible to the naked eye we chose to illustrate this difficult aesthetic by using a light painting, projection tool called The PixelStick.  Just like Carbon Emissions the projected image(s) can not be seen in full until a photographic exposure has been taken.  This also has a parallel with Carbon Emissions as it shows it has a trace or imprint on the landscape.

Back to school

Very excited to be teaching photography at South Sefton College again this year.  As an 'ice breaker' exercise we get each student to write down on a post it note what they would like to learn about photography and then pin it to the wall at the front of the class room, then discuss each others posts.  This gives a great insight into what your learners want and need and its also a good way for everyone to learn each others name.

Above is a selection of the post it notes from last years students, some interesting insights into why people want to learn photography.

Cyanotype Results

LBM has been hiding away in the darkroom recently.  Here are a few images from a recent workshop demonstration that highlights the Cyanotype process.  (Video to follow shortly)



Back in the editing room

The latest screen grab of a photo-video work in progress.  The subject is the Cyanotype process (one of the oldest forms of photography ).  The finished video will give  the viewer an idea or highlight of the medium and what they will do as part of a workshop or lesson.  A little bit of help from Radio 6 music in the background to keep the inspirational juices flowing !

New lens added to LBM

SLR Magic 50mm f1.1 Cine Lens - Sony E mount

This 'Nifty Fifty' lens is a great Cine Lens that can also be used for manual photography.  The decoupled geared aperture ring makes it easier for follow focus while filming.  Available for hire, please check our rates.