Carbon Emissions & The PixelStick

LBM was asked by The University of Liverpool to produce a video that would highlight the production of carbon emissions & how the University aims to reduce it.

As most carbon emissions are invisible to the naked eye we chose to illustrate this difficult aesthetic by using a light painting, projection tool called The PixelStick.  Just like Carbon Emissions the projected image(s) can not be seen in full until a photographic exposure has been taken.  This also has a parallel with Carbon Emissions as it shows it has a trace or imprint on the landscape.

Back to school

Very excited to be teaching photography at South Sefton College again this year.  As an 'ice breaker' exercise we get each student to write down on a post it note what they would like to learn about photography and then pin it to the wall at the front of the class room, then discuss each others posts.  This gives a great insight into what your learners want and need and its also a good way for everyone to learn each others name.

Above is a selection of the post it notes from last years students, some interesting insights into why people want to learn photography.

Cyanotype Results

LBM has been hiding away in the darkroom recently.  Here are a few images from a recent workshop demonstration that highlights the Cyanotype process.  (Video to follow shortly)



Back in the editing room

The latest screen grab of a photo-video work in progress.  The subject is the Cyanotype process (one of the oldest forms of photography ).  The finished video will give  the viewer an idea or highlight of the medium and what they will do as part of a workshop or lesson.  A little bit of help from Radio 6 music in the background to keep the inspirational juices flowing !

New lens added to LBM

SLR Magic 50mm f1.1 Cine Lens - Sony E mount

This 'Nifty Fifty' lens is a great Cine Lens that can also be used for manual photography.  The decoupled geared aperture ring makes it easier for follow focus while filming.  Available for hire, please check our rates. 

Darkroom preparation video

Here we are Prepping some paper and other materials in the darkroom.  It's just a test run for some prints and resources that will be used in a few of our workshops at a later date.


Filmed with the 360 degree interactive Ricoh Theta S camera (available for hire)

LBM @ Emotion Wave

LBM was asked to do some filming for the independent Electronic music night Emotion Wave. Here are the results in this short promo video.



Emotion Wave is an electronic/experimental/instrumental night in Liverpool that features live sets from local underground producers and musicians. Keep up to date on future events via the Facebook group:

Another piece of equipment available for hire from LBM

LBM Has just purchased the Kessler Pocket Jib.  The pocket jib is a great tool for the videographer/film maker who wants a cinematic effect to the film but has limited space and only a small crew/single person shooter to work with.  The jib is light with multiple counter balance points and can be carried by a single individual, perfect for DSLR/mirrorless shooters.  Check out our equipment hire section for more details.

(Below) is a snipet from a recent shoot using the jib which will give you an idea to some of the shots you can achieve. 


Baltic Clay

LBM has been working with a local ceramics studio collective Baltic Clay on raising awareness of their organisation and documenting their different practices and events.  Lately we have been working on their most recent event at the Liverpool Light Night titled 'Clay Lab'.  The event lasted throughout the whole of Light Night.  Baltic Clay encouraged anyone to drop into their studios for this family friendly event.  They asked the public to participate in a changing clay sculpture.  After receiving 100 bags of clay, the public were asked to shape, mould and sculpt the mound into whatever they wanted.  LBM was on hand to document this non permanent  creation throughout each stage through video documentation, vox pop interviews, photography and timelapse.  Below is the 1st stage of the edit the photography with video edit to follow.

LBM has a new toy that is available for hire

LBM Has just purchased the Edelkrone slider.  The slider is battery powered and can give you consistent automated results for slider shots, panning , time-lapse and stop motion animation.

Check out the video below, it shows a small selection of shots from a recent shoot that demonstrates the smoothness of the slider.



A short video from a recent shoot demonstrating the smooth operation of the Edelkrone Slider.

Town Hall photo & Video Shoot

Here is a little time-lapse of a recent shoot we did in Liverpool Town Hall.  It was a long day but we got some quality footage and  photographs out of it.  We will upload the video and photographs soon !