Photography Studio Kit  

The Kit contains x 3 flash heads (with soft boxes) Sync cable/wireless trigger & studio table.  The Kit can also be used a lighting for video if using the modelling lights.

Portable Studio Back Drop Kit

The Kit contains a 2 x 3 m frame with a variety of backdrops

Sony HVL F43M Flash Head(s)

The flash heads can be used on a hot shoe mount.  The flashes can also be used wireless through their infra red receivers or via a wireless trigger (if more than one is used).  The Flash also contains an L.E.D. video light with variable strengths.

The Pocket Wizard iii - Flash Trigger(s)

Top of the range flash triggers and receivers that can use multi - channel sync for a variety of light/flash configurations. 

Godox L.E.D. Camera lights

The lights can be used in a variety of configurations.  Each light clicks into place with another, almost jigsaw like.  They have variable strengths & can be used on a variety of mounts and surfaces.