H4N Zoom Mic/Recorder

The zoom mic/recorder can be used for interviews, mounted to your camera, connected to lapel microphones, plugged into mixing desks at a concert or just used to record ambient sound for background video or audio sampling.

Review : https://www.zoom-na.com/products/field-video-recording/field-recording/zoom-h4n-handy-recorder

Edelkrone - Slider Plus Large.  Action module & Target module

Achieve slick tracking shots, time-lapse, stop motion and much more alternatives.  The battery powered slider & accessories allow you to loop your tracking at the same pace.  You can also increase the speed, duration , rotation & positions.

Review : https://www.edelkrone.com/eu/p/138/slider-plus

Zacuto Indie Recoil Rig

A versatile rig that can be constructed in many different ways.  Wether you are shooting documentary, events or need the stationary stability of working on a tripod, the Indie Recoil (and accessories) is versatile enough to find the set up thats right for you.

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmkGMqkfCF0 

Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler.

An ideal addition to your film shoots.  Replicate cinematic rising and floating effects without the need for a large crane and a team of technicians.  Easy to set up, portable and light.

Review : http://www.kesslercrane.com/pocket-jib-traveler/ 

Atomos Shogun.

The Award winning Shogun is a video monitor and recorder. Record in PRO RES, Cinema DNG, 4K and also use 3D LUTs with the option to review your exposures with and without filters.  great to use as a monitor or external recorder it also is a great tool for exposure checking.

Review : http://www.atomos.com/shogun/ 

Carbon Fibre Camera Stabiliser

An ideal light weight tool to support DSLR's & other small cameras for getting steady shots on the move.

Kamerar - SD-1-Slider Dolly MKii

Perfect for tracking , slide and alternative shots.  Wheels can be adjusted to various positions.  This portable dolly is ultra quick, ultra light and easy to use.